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After 1945 Kay White was responsible for all of the White Way (King) Catalogs.






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1909 H. N. White's Bulletin Catalog

35 pages

1911 H. N. White's Christmas Catalog

33 pages

Catalog Provided by: "A Special Friend of"

1916 King Band Instruments

"Get into the Ring"

35 pages



1919 King Band Instruments "Master Edition"

24 pages

Cover Provided by Mr. Mark Ametz aka "Mr. Conn"

1920 King Band Instruments

34 Pages

"The birth of the Liberty Trumpet!"

1924 The "King" Band Instrument and Saxophones Catalog

64 pages

1927 Saxophone Catalog

24 pages


1927 Trombone Catalog

24 pages

1929 King "Complete" Catalog

64 pages

Only "King" instruments!

1932 Christmas Suggestion Catalog

18 pages

1932 The 39th Year of Production Catalog

72 pages


1938 "Complete" Catalog

92 pages

1940 King Silver Lined Clarinets

12 Pages



All Catalog Images Are Copyright Material


Will not be released due to stolen images.

June-July 1927

Vol 1. No. 1

M. I. A.


The White Way #1



The White Way #2



White Way News #3

48 pages



White Way News #4

48 pages


White Way News #5

With Walter Smith

48 pages


White Way News #6

With Del Staigers

64 pages


White Way News #7

With Ernest Williams

76 pages



White Way News #8

With Dr. Frank Simon

80 pages


White Way News #9

With Tommy Dorsey

78 pages


White Way News #10

With "Two Pals"

Only the cover page is available!

86 pages


White Way News #11

With H. N. White Cover

76 pages




White Way News #12

With Herbert Clarke

76 pages


50 Years of Achievement

All Artwork Done by Kay White

21 pages


White Way News Special Edition

12 pages

Donated by D.Ellis


White Way News #14

48 pages



White Way News #15

Only the cover page is available!

Donated by D. Ellis


White Way News No. 16

With "Sousaphone Girl"

54 pages


White Way News No. 17

With "Those Fabulous Dorseys"

64 pages


White Way News #18

With Harry James

63 pages



White Way News #19

With Instrument Cover

51 pages


White Way News #20

With Instrument Cover

49 pages


White Way News #21

With Super 20 Trumpet Cover

48 pages


White Way News #21B

New Logo on Cover

Only the cover page is available!

Donated by D. Ellis



1916 Handy pocket Catalog of King Band Instruments

17 pages

This is the earliest known Pocket Catalog!


1927 "Handy" Pocket Catalog

32 pages


1930 Pocket Catalog

37 pages

Pocket Catalog 1935

12 pages

Note: Cover was illustrated by Kay White!

"Handy" Pocket Catalog No. 50 1948 With "Sousaphone Girl"

48 pages


Pocket Catalog 1960

14 pages



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