King Miniature Trumpets where produced in late 20's early 1930's and are the rarest of the rare. The Mini trumpets never entered formal production and were not available to the public. Only 100 were produced in the King Liberty Trumpet style according to Kay White. A totally new set of mouthpieces were designed and milled out. Plus, a wide verity of finishes and engraving were used to give each one its own unique look and feel. Each had it's own custom built case with the H. N. White logo on the outside. All the trumpets are playable, (though it is not recommended) some play in Bb while others play in A. The Mini King Liberty Trumpets were developed for promotional uses such as: gifts for good dealers, employee's with a certain number of years of service, and for big name artist.

The HN White Company LLC has the world’s largest collection of King Mini Trumpets along with the largest registry.  If you have a King Mini Trumpet please contact us to have it added to the registry.

The World Famous King Mini Liberty Trumpet


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