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Sell Your Instrument

We are looking for instruments engraved with “KING H. N. White." Instruments with this engraving on them are:

  • Trumpets
  • Cornets
  • Clarinets (any just marked “Silver King ”)

  • Trombones
  • Saxophones

Look on the bell of the instrument to locate “Silver Tone” or “Silversonic”.

We are looking for any HN White made Silver Flair trumpets in any condition.

To obtain the best quote for your instrument please include the following:

  1. Pictures of your instrument, include any trouble areas and the case (if any).

  2. Serial Number
  3. All engraving and any other markings.


We will get back to you as soon as possible, some times it may take a few days. We will not get back to you if we have to sign up to get on your email list, we just do not have the time.

Email:  hnwhite@live.com


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